Bargaining Report #11: Bargaining Session #12, November 19, 2013

November 26, 2013 / Phil Lesch

Bargaining Report #11: Bargaining Session #12, November 19, 2013

•        Contract Extended to end of December, 2013.

•        Faculty Senate Development & Travel Committee Receives Continuing Funding for Faculty Applications (next deadline, January, 2014)

•         Mediation Sessions to be held Dec. 18 and 19, 9am - ?, Market Center Building 6th Floor

At our 12th Bargaining Session, November 19, 2013, our AAUP Bargaining team submitted a revised package proposal to the Administration.  We provided explanations for our requests with respect to the changes made in the articles in our package.

There were questions but no movement from the Administration on our suggested changes to all non-financial articles.  There were no questions or movement from the Administration on either job security for Academic Professionals and Non-tenure track faculty or on any of the monetary articles including Faculty Development Support and Salary and Benefits. We did, however, agree to continue discussions on Article 27- Progressive Sanctions in 2 on 2 bargaining with myself and Phil Lesch on December 5, 2013.

We also agreed to extend the present contract through December and to extend funding to the Faculty Development Committee.  This will provide faculty with continued access to the grievance procedure for another month, and will allow faculty to apply for and receive travel and development support --- for the time being.

Here is where we stand currently as we go into Mediation (note, “mediation” is a process whereby a third-party shuffles written proposals between the teams sitting in separate rooms).

AAUP proposal for salary:

•         2.5% COLA to keep up with inflation that was 2.5% in Portland for the past two years
•         1% across the board raise to get us closer to the mean compensations of our comparator institutions
•         1% pool for equity adjustments across disciplines (retention)
•         10% increase in salary for promotion in rank for tenure-track and tenured faculty (corrects salary compression and inversion)
•         6% increase in salary for successful post-tenure review (assumed to be five-year intervals, and also corrects for compression and inversion)
•         1% raise in salary for successful annual reviews of non-tenure track faculty, research faculty, and Academic Professional

We also stressed the need for certain guarantees with respect to summer session salary and for last-minute course cancellations.  Since many of these increases are not for everyone each year, the entire roll-up cost averages less than 5.5% per year of the contract (U of O got 6%).

The Administration’s economic proposals are as follows:
• 1% per year across the board increase in salary
• No increase in Faculty Development and Travel Funds

We have tentatively agreed that faculty will continue to pay 5% of premiums for PEBB health Insurance through payroll deduction.
We have made counter proposals to administration's proposals to Article 8 (Past Practice) that preserves faculty's current requirement to agree to changes in practice- the Administration has not accepted our counter and continues to propose they gain the right to change practices without faculty agreement.

MEDIATION:  We enter mediation next.  This involves each team meeting in separate rooms with a mediator shuttling paper between us.  Our dates for mediation:  December 18, all day (9am until ?) in Market Center Building, 6th floor; and on December 19, all day (9am until ?) in Market Center Building, 6th floor.

SUPPORT AAUP BARGAINING – Read Reports, Attend Rallies, Talk to your AAUP Unit Reps and Colleagues, Let us know your priorities.  Thank you.

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