N.Y.U. Professor Is Barred by United Arab Emirates

March 17, 2015 / Phil Lesch

The New York Times
March 17th, 2015

The United Arab Emirates, where New York University opened a new campus last year, has barred an N.Y.U. professor from traveling to the monarchy after his criticism of the exploitation of migrant construction workers there.

The professor, Andrew Ross, who teaches at the university’s New York campus and specializes in labor issues, said on Monday that he learned over the weekend that he had been barred from the country, ostensibly because of unspecified security concerns. He received the news at Kennedy International Airport, where he was scheduled to board an Etihad Airways flight to Abu Dhabi, the capital and the site of the N.Y.U. campus. He had planned to spend his spring break there, continuing his research on labor conditions.

When he tried to check in at the airport, a computer flagged his passport. “I was told I couldn’t board the airplane,” Mr. Ross said. “They called the U.A.E. authorities, and the authorities there said that I was not allowed to enter the country.”

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