Executive Council Recommends Contract Ratification

April 11, 2014 / Tita Compere

The PSU-AAUP Executive Council - Ted Donlan, Bob Liebman, Anh Ly, Karen Kennedy, Mary King, Ron Narode, Eva Nuñez, Judy Patton, Patricia Schechter, Bob Schroeder, and Leanne Serbulo - voted yesterday to recommend Sunday's Tentative Agreement to members for ratification as our contract for 2013-2015 read more >

Organization & Strike Threat Get Unprecedented Gains! - Keep Contract Protections for P & T Guidelines, Past Practices - Big Shift in Number, Certainty & Length of Fixed Term Contracts - Advancement Path for APs - Raises Tied to Seniority - Retain Contract Protection for AP "Positions" - Meaningful Planning for Academic Quality - Cost of Living Increases 2.5% and 2.5%, Mid-Year as for Others - 1.5% Across the Board Faculty Comparator Adjustment - 8% Promotion Increases - Travel Fund Doubled, Faculty Enhancement Fund up 30% - Post Tenure Review Will NOT result in Changed Job Description - No Retaliation Against AAUP Members for Union Activity read more >


Strike Notice Delivered to Pres Wiewel

April 03, 2014 / Tita Compere

This message - sent at 2 am - appears to have been diverted into people's Spam folders or blocked altogether. This message was resent at 6:32am. Late this afternoon, the PSU-AAUP attorneys sent notice to the Oregon Employment Relations Board and PSU Admin that we are ready to strike, starting Weds, April 16th at 6 am. read more >