Session 28: Ironing Out AP Issues

February 05, 2016 / Taylor St. Clair

We had a number of outstanding AP issues (workload, scheduling, weather closures and terms of employment) left to discuss, but we had already generated possible solutions to many of these issues in previous sessions. We started the day off by looking at the options that were currently on the table. After we went over these options, we went into a caucus to consider them. read more >


Why Where We Put Schools Matters

February 04, 2016 / Taylor St. Clair

The physical location of colleges has largely been ignored in the accessibility debate, but new findings suggest it is critical. read more >


Winter 2016 Membership Meeting

February 03, 2016 / Taylor St. Clair

SMSU 236
February 10, 2016 - Noon to 1:30pm}

At this all-member meeting, we'll discuss critical updates including the status of bargaining our 2015-2017 contract. We'll explore the need to build a stronger, more active and more vibrant PSU-AAUP, especially as workers' organizations face attacks at the state and national levels. This meeting will take the place of our usual 3 caucuses. read more >


Bargaining Session

February 02, 2016 / Taylor St. Clair

URBN 710
February 12, 2016 - 9am - 4pm}

We strongly encourage PSU-AAUP members, students and the general public to attend our bargaining sessions. read more >