Contractual Grievances

Step          Action(1)                                                                                 Time Limits(2)

1   Present grievance to Dean                                                 Within 40 days of act (3)
                                                                                              (may request 15-day postponement)
    Meet with Dean                                                                  Within 5 days of receipt of form
    Dean's decision in writing                                                   Within 10 days of meeting

2  Present request for review to VP                                        Within 10 days of Dean's decision
    Meet with VP or VP's designee                                           Within 5 days of receipt of request
    VP's decision in writing                                                      Within 10 days of meeting

3  Present request for review to President                             Within 10 days of VP's decision
    Meet with President or designee                                        Within 10 days of receipt of request
    President's decision in writing                                            Within 10 days of meeting

4  Present request to Chancellor (waiving arbitration)            Within 10 days of President's decision
    Meet with Chancellor                                                         Within 10 days of receipt of request
    Chancellor's decision in writing                                          Within 10 days of meeting


     AAUP Executive Council decides to file notice                 Within 20 days of President's decision.
     with President of intent to arbitrate


(1) The date of filing a request for review is the date that the form is received in the administrative office. The date of the decision is the date the decision is sent to the grievant.

(2) "Day" = a day when classes or exams are scheduled and held in accordance with the official calendar of the University, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. Summer Session days count only for those employed during Summer Session.

(3) Counted either from the date of the act/omission itself, or from the date that the member knew or reasonably should have known of the act/omission on which the grievance is based.

Source: Collective Bargaining Agreement, PSU-AAUP and PSU September 1, 2001 through August 31, 2003, pp 34-35 (Article 28).