Faculty Against Rape

August 20, 2014 / Phil Lesch

A new national organization, Faculty Against Rape, or FAR, aims to help professors obtain resources on campus sexual assault and to build a sense of community and protection among like-minded peers (FAR’s website tagline is “Protect your academic freedom”). read more >


AAUP Says Israel Critic’s Case Will Hinge on Details of Job Revocation

August 08, 2014 / Phil Lesch

Whether the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign violated the academic-freedom rights of Steven G. Salaita, an Israel critic denied a job there, is likely to depend on whether campus administrators had previously made Mr. Salaita a formal job offer and whether his tweeted views on Israel were the reason they revoked it read more >


Tentative Agreement on New Ranks August 6th, 2014

August 07, 2014 / Phil Lesch

On behalf of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Team, I’m pleased to announce that we reached agreement with PSU administration over salaries for the new Non-Tenure Track Faculty ranks as well as the procedures for re-ranking procedures. read more >

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