Two hear about higher education issues

May 17, 2016 / Phil Lesch

“Low-achieving, high-income students are able to go to college much easier than high-achieving, low-income students,” Scott said. “If our democracy is going to mean anything, we have to make opportunities available to everybody.” read more >


Moving Past Checking the Box

May 10, 2016 / Phil Lesch

Education Department urges colleges to rethink whether they should ask applicants about criminal and disciplinary records -- and to be more nuanced when they do so. read more >


The Liberal Arts at War

May 05, 2016 / Phil Lesch

The values that undergird higher education as a guarantor of human dignity and enlightenment are under a special intensity of attack, argues Robert Weisbuch, while we in academe seem preoccupied with the little stuff. read more >


Confronting PSU Foundation’s gambling habit: Editorial Agenda 2016

May 04, 2016 / Phil Lesch

"The foundation is devoting funds that could have gone directly to support students. That $375,000 amounts to 12 percent of the $3.2 million that the foundation handed out in scholarships for the entire 2014-2015 year. It's also more than a fifth of what the foundation gave in faculty and staff compensation for that same year." read more >

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