2021 Executive Council Elections

February 26, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

The ballot for the election of councilors to the Executive Council of PSU-AAUP will open Monday March 1, 2021 at 8am. A link to the online ballot will be sent to you by As required by PSU-AAUP bylaws, the ballot shall be open for 15 days and will close on Monday March 15 at 5pm.
The nominees for election are as follows:
Vice President for Grievances (vote for one) (listed in alphabetical order)

  • William “Ted” Donlan                                    (candidate statement below)
  • Aaron Roussell                                              (candidate statement below)

Vice President for Legislative and Political Action (vote for one)

  • Ramin Farahmandpur (incumbent)              (candidate statement below)  

Secretary (vote for one)

  • Veronica Hotton                                             (candidate statement below)  

Treasurer (vote for one)

  • David Hansen (incumbent)                           (candidate statement below)

Councilors at Large (vote for four)
(Listed in alphabetical order)

  • Tina Burdsall                                                  (candidate statement below)
  • Evguenia Davidova                                        (candidate statement below)
  • Kellie Gallagher (incumbent)                        (candidate statement below)
  • Karen Kennedy                                              (candidate statement below)
  • David Kinsella                                                (candidate statement below)
  • Marie Lewandowski                                       (candidate statement below)
  • Cristina Restad                                              (candidate statement below)


 Vice President for Grievances (2 candidates. Vote for 1)
(listed in alphabetical order)

  • William “Ted” Donlan

PSU-AAUP Executive Council Secretary 2013-2017. PSU-AAUP Grievance committee 2018-present. PSU-AAUP Legislative and Political Action Committee 2009-2017, 2018- present. PSU-AAUP School of Social Work Unit Representative 2009-2017; 2018-present. AAUP-Oregon Vice President for Political Action 2013-2015
Associate Professor. School of Social Work. Tenured.
I arrived at PSU in 2006, and I am currently an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work. I began my service as a unit representative, and in 2013-2014 I collaborated in a year-long effort with activist colleagues in organizing a successful strike vote in 2014, which forced PSU administration to return to the bargaining table with a reasonable offer. I never forget that struggle, which I see as a turning point for our union. On our Executive Council, I witnessed how important our union is when members’ collective bargaining agreement (CBA) rights are violated, which is why I began serving on our Grievance Committee. During this time of proposed budget cuts, we need to be vigilant that PSU administration adheres to all the protections our CBA provides. If elected, I will fight to ensure that the rights of all our members are upheld. 
[This statement was submitted by the nominee]

  • Aaron Roussell

PSU-AAUP Executive Councilor At Large 2020-present. Organizing Committee (2019-present), Grievance Committee (2019-present), Sociology Unit Rep (2017- present), Honors Unit Rep (2019-2020), PSU-AAUP Assistance Fund Committee (2019-2020), Elections Committee (2020), and AAUP, PSUFA, Faculty Senate Academic Freedom Working Group (Secretary, 2021).
Associate Professor. Sociology. Tenured.
I began organizing as a graduate school UAW steward and have been strongly active in AAUP since my academic appointment, including academic freedom and grievance work. Then, as now, we were the vanguard fighting institutionally for inclusion, respect, and resources for faculty, staff, and students. In these roles, I have been excited and energized to participate in collective action across union lines for the benefit of workers and students at PSU.
As a community organizer and sociolegal scholar, I am keenly aware of the sometimes-perverse nature of law and policy. I bring a care component to my grievance work and a justice component to my academic freedom work. I have great respect for those officeholders before me and hold this work to be crucial for the wellbeing of PSU’s workers and the defense of good faith academic inquiry in these tumultuous times.
[This statement was submitted by the nominee]Vice President of Legislative and Political Action
(1 candidate. Vote for 1)

  •  Ramin Farahmandpur (incumbent)

PSU-AAUP Acting Vice President for Legislative and Political Action 2020-present; PSU-AAUP Executive Councilor at Large 2015-17; PSU-AAUP Legislative and Political Action Committee Chair 2015-2020. AAUP-Oregon Vice President for Political Action 2013-2020
Professor. College of Education. Tenured
I’m a College of Education Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy. I have worked at Portland State University since 2002. During this time, I have served on the PSU-AAUP Executive Council. I chaired the union’s Legislative Committee for five years. I have also served as the AAUP Oregon Vice President of Political Action. Like many of you, I am gravely concerned about the impact of COVID-19, low student enrollment, and the underfunding of public higher education. These challenges are not only burdening our students with mounting college debt as tuition soars, but they also degrade retirement and health benefits, working conditions, and wages of faculty members and academic professionals. Because of my commitment to promoting high-quality higher education, I have decided to run as a candidate for Vice President for Legislative and Political Action.
 [This statement was submitted by the nominee]Secretary (1 candidate. Vote for 1)

  • Veronica Hotton

PSU-AAUP Organizing Committee, 2020-present. PSU-AAUP Strategic Communications Committee 2021-present. PSU-AAUP Assistance Fund Committee 2020-present. UNST Unit Representative 2017-present.
Instructor. UNST. NTTF-CA eligible
Members: I have been an active member of PSU AAUP since 2017. I served as a Unit Rep for three years, and I am a current member of the Organizing Committee, Assistance Fund Committee, and Strategic Communications Committee. Prior, I was a PSUFA member and I am presently an Associate Member. I joined AAUP because our union supports our members, sister unions, and students by advocating for accessible education and fair contracts. I am a non-tenure track Instructor in the University Studies program, with a teaching background in Education and Geography that focuses on inclusive and equitable courses for our students. As our AAUP Secretary, I would work on the overhaul of our website so that relevant organizational structure and documents are easy to locate and share with members. I would also be the primary custodian of Executive Council meeting minutes, plus related records and correspondence. In Solidarity!
 [This statement was submitted by the nominee] Treasurer (1 candidate. Vote for 1)

  • David Hansen (incumbent)    

PSU-AAUP Executive Councilor-At-Large 2020-present. PSU-AAUP Vice President for Collective Bargaining 2016-2020 PSU-AAUP Negotiating Team 2006-2016. PSU-AAUP Finance Committee 2017-present.
Senior Instructor II. SBA. NTTF-CA
Having served on the Finance Committee for many years I am well acquainted with the responsibilities of the treasurer, and I have served as the treasurer of other nonprofit organizations.  Additionally, as School of Business faculty for more than 25 years, I have extensive experience in financial analysis, including forecasting and budgeting, and I have served on the Faculty Senate Budget Committee for more than ten years.
[This statement was submitted by the nominee]Councilors At Large (7 candidates. Vote for 4) 
(Listed in alphabetical order)

  • Tina Burdsall

PSU-AAUP Negotiating Team 2018-2020. PSU-AAUP Organizing Committee 2019-present. PSU-AAUP Strategic Communications Committee 2020.
Instructor. Sociology/Honors. NTTF-CA eligible.
I was pleased to be a member of PSU AAUP’s bargaining team during our recent contract negotiations; I learned about the relationship between admin and the union, the relationship between the union and its members, and more. I am currently a member of the Organizing Committee and was a co-chair for the Solidarity Action Team (founded to address some of the urgent early needs that members experienced due to the pandemic). In all of these roles, I met and learned from the best.
I believe in the power of unions, not only for individuals, but for our university, for higher education, and even for the larger community. I believe it is important to continue to reimagine what the next steps for union power may be. If elected to the EC, I will do my best to always bring a focus on equity, care-ethics, and collective power to my work.
[This statement was submitted by the nominee]

  • Evguenia Davidova

PSU-AAUP International Studies Unit Representative 2017-present     
Professor. International and Global Studies/University Studies. Tenured.
I have been an active AAUP member, especially as an organizer in the preparation of the strike in 2014. I have also been a committed union representative in the Department of International and Global Studies (INTL). My shared appointment in department (INTL) and in general education (University Studies) positions me to have a broader perspective of PSU’s workings. If elected, I will advocate for job security, faculty power in shared governance (and close collaboration with the PSU Faculty Senate). I stand for shifting priorities back towards academics and meaningful, affordable education and for mobilizing the membership around resistance to administrative pressure.
[This statement was submitted by the nominee]

  • Kellie Gallagher (incumbent)

PSU-AAUP Executive Councilor-At-Large May 2018- present: PSU-AAUP Strategic Communications Committee 2020-present; Unit Representative IELP 2017- present; Vice President Membership & Organizing 2015-2016; CORE/Action Team Member Fall 2013-Spring 2016.
Senior Instructor II. IELP. NTTF-CA.
I have been working in the Intensive English Language Program at PSU since 2006, through the NTTF ranks of Adjunct to Senior Instructor II. I have also been an active member of the AAUP since 2007, as CORE/Action Team member, former AAUP VP of Membership and Organizing, and current Councilor at Large on the Executive Committee. I wish to remain actively engaged with PSU AAUP in support of and in solidarity with my PSU AAUP represented colleagues. From the verge of a strike, through the last strong contract, on account of the current retrenchment proceedings in the IELP, into the next round of bargaining, and everything in between, I recognize the importance and impact of an active union presence here on campus. This is why I firmly support PSU AAUP’s mission and would be honored to continue to serve as a Councilor at Large.

[This statement was submitted by the nominee]

  • Karen Kennedy

PSU-AAUP Executive Councilor-At-Large 2013-17. PSU-AAUP Organizing Committee 2020-present; PSU-AAUP AP Caucus Co-chair 2017-19; PSU-AAUP Grievance Committee 2016-18; ACS Unit Representative 2009-present. AAUP-Oregon Advocate for Academic Professionals 2013-present
Advisor/Counselor II. Advising and Career Services. Academic Professional
I would be honored to serve on the PSU AAUP Executive Council.  I am an Academic Professional and work as an Academic Adviser with Advising and Career Services. 
Presently, I serve on the PSU AAUP organizing committee, am a unit rep in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, and serve on AAUP-Oregon statewide as Advocate for Academic Professionals.  I previously served on the PSU AAUP Executive Council for three consecutive terms, was AP Caucus co- chair, served on the Grievance Committee, and attended numerous Oregon Labor Law Conferences. I was an organizer and member of CORE (Contract Action Face to Face Campaign) during collective bargaining in 2013/15 which culminated in our first ever strike vote.
I believe that our working conditions are students' learning conditions, and we must work to address all issues related to this.

[This statement was submitted by the nominee] 

  • David Kinsella 

PSU-AAUP Negotiating Team 2020-present; PSU-AAUP Organizing Committee 2019-present. Political Science Unit Representative 2018-present
Professor. Political Science. Tenured.
I have been a member of the AAUP since joining the PSU faculty in 2002. Always an ardent supporter of collective bargaining and the other ways in which the union has defended the interests of its members, I did not become active in the union until tapped in 2018 to be the unit representative for the Political Science Department. I have been a member of the Organizing Committee since 2019 and joined the Collective Bargaining Team last summer, and it is in these latter roles that I have come to better appreciate the distinctive interests and job insecurities of nontenure-track faculty and academic professionals. Aside from AAUP, my university service has included serving as Chair of Political Science and Chair of the Graduate Council. I currently represent CUPA in the Faculty Senate.
[This statement was submitted by the nominee]

  • Marie Lewandowski

Office of Academic Innovation. Educational Technology Specialist. Academic Professional.
Dear PSU AAUP Members, as a long-time member of PSU AAUP,  I bring a unique skill set to the Counselor At Large position due my role as Instructional Designer @ the Office of Academic Innovation (OAI).  Winter20, the OAI Faculty Support team was on the frontlines supporting all Faculty with remote/online instruction.  The opportunity to work directly with faculty members across academic degrees and programs provided feedback across our University enterprise platforms: ZOOM, Brightspace D2L, MediaSpace, PebblePad ePortfolio, TurnItIn, and universal accessibility. OAI works directly with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) partners for technology solutions.  This is a critical time for Portland State University as we continue to work together in the digital landscape to develop successful digital learning environments for student success.  Upon completion of the two graduate certificates I will bring both a graduate student and faculty perspectives to this role.
[This statement was submitted by the nominee] 

  • Cristina Restad

Academic and Career Services. Advisor/Counselor II. Academic Professional.
I would be honored to serve on the Executive Council of AAUP. I attended PSU as an undergraduate and graduate student, and I’ve worked as an advisor in a variety of settings: sociology, CLAS, MCECS, and SB. I have had little opportunity to perform university service of any kind, working on short-staffed teams with little or no capacity for professional development (one topic of many I care about). I was able to serve the AAUP caregiver caucus in 2019 and the MCECS DEI committee 2017-2019. I served on the St Johns Neighborhood Association 2017-2019 and the Portland Safety Action Committee 2018. I’m passionate about fairness and justice and unafraid to vocalize that. AAUP has supported me through the death of my father and the birth of my child, representing me in HR mediation and providing paid leave through the DSLB. I would be grateful to pay that support forward.
[This statement was submitted by the nominee]


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