3 Things a Faculty-Pay Survey Shows About Academic Jobs

April 17, 2019 / Heather Nahmias

The Chronicle of Higher Education

by Audrey Williams June

April 10, 2019


In its annual faculty-compensation survey, released on Wednesday, the American Association of University Professors provides a snapshot of the earning power of full-time and part-time faculty members. The long and short of it: Pay raises were modest, faculty buying power has eroded, and many different factors are rolled into faculty pay. But the data, from nearly 1,000 two- and four-year colleges, also tell us three things about the academic workplace:


Professors’ paychecks are still squeezed by the effects of inflation.

In the 2018-19 academic year, full-time faculty members earned an average of 2 percent more than they did in the prior academic year. Yet for the third year in a row, the rise in the cost of living — 1.9 percent — ate away at their modest salary gains.


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