PSU-AAUP Submits Letter of Concern about “Classification & Compensation Study”

April 23, 2018 / Jose Padin

As part of our current collective bargaining agreement, which expires in 2019, PSU-AAUP signed a letter of agreement (LOA #8) to establish a Classification and Compensation Study focused on Academic Professionals in our union. For years we have been trying to remedy twin problems that erode the satisfaction and retention of Academic Professionals: the lack of a career ladder and poor compensation. When we incorporated Letter of Agreement #8 into the collective bargaining agreement we signed in May of 2016, our intention was to make headway in resolving these problems. After nearly two years of participation in a Classification and Compensation Study, we have concluded that the process is not making any headway towards our goals, and we are dissatisfied with the administration’s handling of this process. Our Academic Professionals have been neglected; the data used by consultants is questionable, and we have not been able to obtain it verify its validity; and we have not received adequate responses to our requests for necessary information from the administration. 

On April 17th PSU-AAUP leadership submitted a Letter of Concern to administration about the “Class/Comp Study,” stating our dissatisfaction. We proposed that PSU-AAUP and Administration bargaining teams go back to the table as soon as possible to discuss how to get the work on Letter of Agreement #8 back on track with all deliberate haste. This will be a condition for our continued involvement in that process. 



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