AAUP goes to Lobby Day 2018

February 23, 2019 / Jennifer Kerns

AAUP goes to Lobby Day 2018

On Monday February 18, members of PSU-AAUP gathered with more than 4,000 other concerned citizens at our State Capitol to urge our legislators to center the needs of Oregon students, teachers, and higher education faculty when crafting the budget this current legislative session. High quality affordable education for students and good working conditions for academic professionals is a right that should be recognized by our state government and its representatives. We thank those who were able to attend and sit down with legislators and legislative aids to express the needs of higher education in Oregon. They gave legislators a human face and relatable stories alongside concrete requests to fully fund public colleges and universities. 

We urge you, members of PSU-AAUP, to write and call your State Senator and Representative and demand that they prioritize adequate funding of K-12 AND higher education across Oregon. Don't know who your State Rep or Senator is? Follow this link to find out their contact information. Thank you for advocating for quality education in Oregon.

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