AAUP Grievance about the unilateral reduction of pay of a Program Administrator II.

July 03, 2014 / Phil Lesch

In Winter 2014 a program administrator II was given notice of layoff and at the same time offered a program administrator II position for $20,000 less per year. The duties of new position were essentially the same, but the scope of responsibility, and the work load of the new position, was larger. PSU-AAUP filed a grievance challenging the reduction in pay, a demand to bargain the decision and effects of the layoff, and included the matter in the parallel Unfair Labor Practice Charge filed on other bargaining violation matters (the ULP is in abeyance pending attempts to resolve the matter directly with PSU). It was denied at Step One, then PSU-AAUP and PSU attorneys agreed to attempt resolution during post ratification settlement talks. We are still far apart.

PSU-AAUP proposed confidential mediation on the matter. PSU agreed to engage in mediation provided PSU-AAUP was willing to engage in mediation on the AAUP OAI grievance and AAUP ECTC Elimination grievance. PSU-AAUP agreed. AAUP General Counsel David Reese has reach out to Oregon State Conciliator Janet Gilman, the same mediator to help us reach tentative agreement. We will advise when mediation is scheduled and whether it was successful.

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