AAUP Oregon Annual Meeting

May 03, 2019 / Jennifer Kerns

Being plugged in to what our AAUP is doing state-wide is helpful as we consider moving forward and organizing this CB season and beyond. Thanks for considering and we look forward to seeing you there! 


The AAUP-Oregon Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 11 at the Sylvania Campus of Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon from 10am-4pm. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend! Coffee and lunch will be provided. There is no cost for registration.


The Annual Meeting will feature sessions on:

·  Reshaping our universities’ boards of trustees-work through the ideas and timelines for replacing corporate board members with education and labor allies.

·  Collective bargaining-share in the stories, struggles, and emerging strategies of faculty, academic professionals, and graduate employees bargaining across the state. 

·  Organizing against austerity at Oregon’s public and private universities-strategize to fight back against austerity measures that hurt our students and our state.

·  Higher education legislative landscape-learn how proposed legislation will impact higher education in the coming years and how we can ensure passage of our priority legislation.

Our Annual Meeting brings together AAUP-Oregon members and allies to share best practices within their unions and chapters. We hope that you’ll join us for community building and skill sharing.

Carpools to Portland can be arranged!

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