AAUP Stands by Its Criticisms of Texas Cancer Center in Final Report

April 08, 2015 / Phil Lesch

The Chronicle of Higher Education
April 8th, 2015

The American Association of University Professors is standing by its conclusions that the University of Texas’ M.D. Anderson Cancer Center violated widely accepted academic principles in a new report that the center has pre-emptively challenged.

The AAUP’s release of the report on Wednesday marks the latest volley in its battle with the center, which has displayed an exceptional amount of resistance to the association by questioning its authority, rejecting its claims of fairness, and last month releasing a confidential draft of the AAUP’s report for the sake of denouncing the document as inaccurate and unfair.

In its final version of the report, the AAUP stands by its findings that the center violated tenure standards, due process, and shared governance in failing to renew the contracts of two professors and reassigning a third to an administrative position. Much of the association’s criticism of the center revolves around the center’s refusal to grant faculty members tenure on a permanent basis — as it is commonly understood — and its use, instead, of seven-year renewable contracts to employ faculty members.

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