Academic Professional Denied Representation in Disciplinary Meeting

September 23, 2014 / Phil Lesch

An Academic Professional received a calendar invite from their supervisor for a meeting that included Anne Lewis, from HR. She was advised it was a meeting where an oral reprimand with a notation to file would be imposed. The member asked that the meeting be rescheduled to a time that a PSU-AAUP representative could accompany them. HR representative Anne Lewis denied her request, advising she was not entitled to have union representation for the imposition of discipline. PSU-AAUP filed a grievance challenging the change in past practice as PSU-AAUP has been accompanying members facing discipline since 1978. The grievance was denied at level one, then at level two by Provost Sona Andrews. Scheduling is in process for presentation of the grievance to Chief of Staff Lois Davis at level 3.

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