Active Shooter protocols. How to be prepared.

October 03, 2017 / Phil Lesch

The recent events in Las Vegas remind us that an active shooter scenario could happen anywhere. It is incumbent on all members to be prepared in the event there is an active shooter scenario at PSU.

"Active Shooter: What should you do," compiled by the Campus Public Safety Office, is the PSU resource and the place start. All members should review this webpage in detail, and view the video. Specifically, PSU-AAUP recommends members should:

  • sign up for the PSU Alert system. This system is intended to be the first point of notification for crises of this nature.
  • become familiar with the RUN HIDE FIGHT protocol. Watch the video on the webpage above.
  • look crtically at their workspaces, and make decisions early about places to hide evacuation routes.

PSU-AAUP has interacted with many members who have expressed their concerns about an active shooter at PSU and their feelings of vulnerability. As reported on September 29, preparation for an active shooter scenario was an important issue that PSU-AAUP brought up at each of the 3 interviews for Chief of Police. PSU-AAUP has advocated the need for campus drills around active shooters and campus lockdown, and we hope to partner with the new Chief on campus drills.

Lastly, I would reiterate that all members have access to the PSU Employee Assistance Program for support. Employees can contact the EAP at 503-639-3009 and advise the intake specialist that you work at PSU. Additional information and online resources are also available on the Cascade Centers' website.

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