Administration’s Delays Result in Yet Another Contract Extension

February 08, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

For a sixth time, we have had to extend the contract, this time until April 10th, due to continued delays in completion of the contract. PSU-AAUP and administration agreed to the terms of the contract last November. Since then both teams have been working to agree to the final contract language before it will be sent out for final approval through ratification. So what is the hold up? We only have 8 items that need to be completed before the contract can be signed. Of those items 7 of them are in the hands of administration, and have been for months. We have put together a table showing what remains to be done and when the last version was sent to administration. We have been told that the administration will be able to prioritize our contract and complete the work to close this contract before the contract expires again. Please look for the ratification vote as we start the spring term. 

Item Summary  Days with Admin
LOA AP Poor Evaluation Task Force Create task force to review and potentially create a consistent remediation plan for APs who receive poor evaluations
LOA NTTF-CA Transition into new PCAR Process Transition process into new Post Continuous Appointment review in 2022
TA Housekeeping Contract Language comprehensive clean up to add MOAs since 2016 to CBA
TA Article 32 Leaves Contract language for the new Article 32 to include
all leaves applicable to AAUP Members
TA Article 24 Remote Work Incorporate remote work guidelines and negotiated effects in contract language in Article 24
TA Economics  Contract language changes to Article 30 based on conceptual agreement November 11, 2020
TA Article 11 Release Time Modifications Contract language changes to Article 11 to accommodate increase in AAUP Officer positions 105

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