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AFT-Oregon delegates elect reform slate, approve major changes to Constitution

May 08, 2023 / PSU-AAUP

This year, PSU-AAUP participated for the first time as an affiliate of the AFT in its state-level biennial convention. As you'll recall, PSU-AAUP members elected four delegates to carry the Chapter's 973 votes: Travis Christian, Emily Ford, Madeline Frisk, and Cristina Restad.

It was an exciting weekend with delegates from more than 20 locals debating and voting in, by overwhelming margins, a series of major changes. These included expanding the Executive Council to make it more representatives of members across the state; a collaborative decision-making model that will involve the full Executive Council in major decisions; mandates to hire new organizing staff to assist locals in building their membership and strength to act; and a re-focusing of the budget on organizing activities and a strike fund.

The Portland State University campus is now well-represented in AFT-Oregon's leadership, with Ariana Jacob, PSUFA Co-Chair, to become AFT-Oregon president; and Ted Cooper, a founding member of GEU, to become Executive Vice-President. Running as part of the Democracy Caucus, PSU-AAUP's own Madeline Frisk, Coordinator of Student Government Relations and Advisor to Greek Life, will also serve as a vice-president.

All members take office July 1, 2023. The full list of results can be reviewed here.

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