AP Job Placement and Appeals Process

May 27, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

Academic Professionals (APs) are expected to hear about job placements from Human Resources by the end of May. Once you receive your placement, if you believe you should have been placed at a different job level you can submit an appeal. A summary of the appeals process is below, you can read the full process here. We hope to have an upcoming zoom-in to discuss the appeals process more in depth and answer questions soon. Be on the lookout for an invite. Placement decisions are not grievable, however failure on the part of the administration to follow proper process during the appeals is grievable.

ReAssessment by HR: Must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the placement notification. HR will reassess the initial placement along with supplemental information provided by the AP.

First Level of Appeal: Within 15 days of receiving the results of the reassessment, APs can enter the first level of appeal which goes to the Associate VP of Human Resources. An advisory committee to the VP of HR made up of two Academic Professionals appointed by PSU- AAUP (currently Courtney Bailey and Crystal Tenty) and two administrators (unknown at the moment) representing PSU. Ultimately the VP of HR makes the appeal decision during this level of the process.

Second Level of Appeal: If the AP is unhappy with results of the first level of appeal, they can advance the appeal to the Provost or other appropriate VP (depending on your department) within 15 days of the first level appeal decision.The Provost or appropriate VP will provide a written response within 15 days of the submission. This is the final decision of placement.

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