AP Reclassification Update

December 02, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

The AP Appeal committee has about 10 more appeals to review. However, if you still have not heard anything, that’s because there have been significant delays in between when the appeal committee reviews the appeal and when the AVP of HR makes the determination and sends the notification to APs. We continue to push for a faster process since the deadlines have far been exceeded for most APs. If you have received your notification and would like to move to Phase 2 of the appeal process-you have 15 working days to submit using the same form that was used for the reassessment and Phase 1 processes. We know it is unfair that you have to adhere to the deadlines outlined in our contract while it seems that HR does not. If you are unable to submit your appeal within the 15 working days, please reach out to Courtney Bailey ( as soon as possible and we will advocate for, though we cannot guarantee, an extension.

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