ASPSU frequently cancels meetings, citing lack of participation

June 11, 2018 / Sabrina Balderama


By Shandi Hunt

June 5, 2018

The Associated Students of Portland State University canceled at least 10 committee meetings since the start of the spring quarter, most often due to lack of quorum. The canceled meetings, compounded with low voter turnout in this year’s ASPSU elections and the resignation of at least seven student government members this winter, point to an overall struggle for ASPSU leaders to maintain accountability and structure within the organization.

Coordinator of Student Government and Advisor for Greek Life Candace Avalos pointed to a number of reasons ASPSU members give for missing required meetings, including time conflicts with other classes and extracurricular activities. However, Avalos added members don’t always let directors know they can’t make a meeting until the last minute, meaning “there’s a lot of last minute cancellations due to quorum.”

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