Back to Bargaining! Week 1 Update

August 19, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

It may not feel like it, but we really are making some progress. While the table hasn’t felt super exciting, we have gotten admin to drop some things that we didn’t want to talk about and that’s a win! 

An even bigger win: we had over 70 members at bargaining last week! THANKS FOR SHOWING UP!! It’s so helpful when members are there, so please keep tuning in!

Bargaining Topics for August 24th: 

  • Admin will give a budget presentation & discuss their economic priorities: As you may know, if you’ve ever attended a budget forum, administration has a long history of budget pessimism. Come see if things will be different this time around! We certainly hope that they will have some solid numbers on the 24th that we can have faith in and use for thoughtful planning. We already know that the state budget is stable, and by the 24th, we should have more clarity about fall enrollment. We look forward to moving forward from the stuck-ness of “everything is unknown” and hope to find ways to plan for the future from a realistic perspective that recognizes the value of our members.
  • There will be a discussion of some technical and contract language updates to the non-tenure track article! You’ll love this if you love legal tedium! Be sure to tune in!
  • We will also be discussing Academic Freedom and how PSU-AAUP can be part of protecting the right of academics and professionals on campus in the mission of the academy and the principles of academia that scholars should have freedom to teach or communicate ideas and facts as experts without fear of censorship or retaliation.
  • Updates on the status of paid family and caregiver leave and Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track workload protections will also happen.  

RSVP for the next bargaining sessions (links are provided in our member newsletter): 

  • Monday, August 24, 9-1pm
  • Tuesday, August 25, 12-4pm
  • Monday, August 31, 9-1pm
  • Tuesday, September 1, 12-4pm

What’s going on with IPDAs? Admin has indicated that they have told departments to hold the IPDA funds pending bargaining. If bargaining continues into fall term, we expect that last year’s IPDA amounts will be deposited into your accounts. Reminder that PSU-AAUP bargained to have IPDA funds that were set to expire this year rolled over for one extra year due to the pandemic.

What’s going on with negotiations about Family Leave? Why is bargaining moving so slow? Many of you might remark how slow it seems to be moving at the main table. What’s holding us back right now is not economic & budget issues yet, but admin’s unwillingness to adopt a 21st century definition of family and -- during a pandemic! -- a refusal to address the need for expanded family leave. We hope that the administration acts more swiftly and reasonably to this conversation so that we can move on to other bargaining issues pending. Admin is also unwilling to consider an expansion of the number of days members can take -- during a pandemic! -- to care for their family. Currently, we only get 12 weeks protected leave, where members have to use their own sick leave or vacation. PSU has an opportunity to be innovative and to be a leader -- during a pandemic! -- on this front. It’s time for PSU to step-it-up!    

Slack Channel: 

Talk with other Members while Bargaining is Happening:
Join the new AAUP member Slack Channel to discuss bargaining in real time with other members. Slack is a messaging app where you can stay connected with colleagues. Invite link can be found on our latest member newsletter!

If you attend a bargaining session in August, you'll be entered to win one of five prizes from black owned businesses in Portland.  Prizes include a bottle of wine from Abbey Creek Vineyard (first Black-owned vineyard in OR), Atlas Pizza gift certificate, Coffee from Deadstock Coffee, and a gift card for Sugar Street Bakery (vegan and gf options too!) all shipped to your mailbox. To add some fun to bargaining, we will be having a Bargaining Bingo game starting with the August 24th session: complete the bingo card and get an additional raffle entry. More info on bingo will come out next week on the slack channel.

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