Ballot Opens Soon—Election for VP for Communications & Public Relations and PSU-AAUP Bylaws Change

December 18, 2020 / Phil Lesch

The ballot from ElectionBuddy will go out for items 1 & 2 in this message today or tomorrow and be open for fifteen (15) days for the election for the VP-COM, and the ratification of the latest COVID impact MOA which expands the use of IPDAs during the pandemic.

1. Election for Vice President for Communications and Public Relations (VP-COM)

The nomination window for the VP-COM position closed on Friday December 11. We had one nominee. The Executive Council has reviewed and approved the nomination, which affirms that the nominee is a member in good standing and is willing and able to serve in the position for the term of the position. The term of office expires May 1, 2022.


Vice President for Communications and Public Relations (VP-COM)
(One Candidate for One position)

  • Ellie Harmon

PSU-AAUP Organizing Committee 2019- present. Ad Hoc NTTF Bargaining Input Committee 2018-19
Senior Instructor I. Engineering and Computer Science.  NTTF

I have been an active member of AAUP since joining PSU as a non-tenure-track faculty member in Fall 2017. I served on the NTTF Ad Hoc Bargaining Input Committee in 2018-19, and since 2019 have served on PSU-AAUP’s Organizing Committee and Strategic Communications Team. I am a Senior Instructor in Computer Science, with a background in user experience research & design. As your new VP for Communications, I would be most excited to overhaul our PSU-AAUP website to make it more user friendly. Our home page should be responsive to current events, easily editable by union staff, and mobile friendly. Members should be able to easily find contract details, contact union leadership, and reference past posts and information. In this new VP role, I would also look forward to leading the Strategic Communications Team, and bringing a member-communications centered voice to the Executive Council.
[This statement was submitted by nominee or name]


2. MOA COVID impact Expanded Use of IPDA Funds

This MOA significantly expands permitted uses for IPDA funds in Article 19 Section 3(d). The expansion is based on those expenditures most requested from members balanced with the University's limitations as a public employer. This MOA was approved for ratification by the Executive Council today. The MOA is here.

3. Bylaw Changes and Updates

On December 10 the Executive Council approved changes to the PSU-AAUP Bylaws that were required by the approval of the membership to modify the PSU-AAUP Constitution with the addition of two new Vice President positions. Additional Changes were made to update the Bylaws with long standing Executive Council practices.  The redline version of the approved bylaws is here. In the redline version,  underlined  is language that has been changed or modified, and strikeout is language removed. 

The changes are:

  • updated Section 2 to allow Executive Council to call special elections for vacant executive council positions
  • added Section 3 to allow the Executive Council to appoint members to an Executive Council position temporarily
  • updated Section 4 on Unit Representative Assembly
  • updated Section 5 on Strategic Communications committee
  • updated Section 7 on Legislative and Political Action committee
  • added Section 9 on Organizing Committee
  • added Section 10 noting PSU-AAUP's Presidents role on all committees
  • added Section 12 to explicate ratification requirements for agreements with Administration

The redline version will be cleaned up and placed on the PSU-AAUP website.

4. Correction to MOA COVID impact NTTF-CA milestone review 

We discovered that the MOA we executed in August had an incorrect date. We corrected the date and added the timeline chart for clarification. The corrected MOA is here

Any questions let me know.

Phil Lesch
Executive Director

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