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Bargaining Announcement:  Economic Re-opener will Begin Mid-April

March 01, 2022 / PSU-AAUP

In the contract negotiated last year, knowing there was a possibility that inflation could become a problem, the bargaining team negotiated a provision guaranteeing us the right to come back to the table on economics. This will include first and foremost, salaries and COLA. We are also able to open up a very limited number of other articles. Based on feedback from the membership, the bargaining team has notified Administration that we will be proposing changes/additions to protections on caregiver issues and parking.

These negotiations will launch at some point in April 2022, most likely around the middle of the month.

These negotiations will not be easy. They never are. We can't predict exactly what will happen, but there is one thing we all know for sure: the source of power at the bargaining table is a strong and engaged membership. The bargaining team can and will prepare carefully researched, solid proposals. But that will not be enough. It's when hundreds of members take action that the Administration really pays attention.

Together we can do this. Let's get ready...

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