Bargaining Resumes on August 10!

August 06, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

As we return to the main bargaining table with PSU Administration, three big issues are on the table: AP job placement, workload, and family leave. Two of these items will be discussed on Monday.

  • Workload: As workload at PSU has steadily increased our members are feeling the stress of the constantly increasing demands. While we were able to bring language into the contract in 2016 that created some workload protections for our APs, we do not have language currently that addresses workload issues for TT and NTTF faculty. This was a key issue for us at the table this round and we will begin the discussion of the topic Monday.
  • IC Placement: As many of our APs are aware, PSU has created a new classification and job family system. All APs need to be transitioned from the old system to the new system. We are very close to an agreement and will likely finalize the transition process and anticipate coming to a final agreement at Monday’s session. With this agreement and if the membership ratifies it, the process to transition APs will begin within 60 days. More details on the specifics of the placement process to follow after Monday’s bargaining session.
  • Family and Caregiver Leave: COVID has underscored the importance of a leave policy that both recognizes an extended definition of family and includes some amount of paid leave. This is our second top priority as we return to the table next week. Family and caregiver leave will not be discussed at the main table Monday, but the Bargaining Team is hard at work on the topic and meeting with admin this week in a small group to work on bridging differences in a couple of key places. Once the smaller working group is ready it will be back to the main table for our final push to get this done for our members. 

Join us at noon if you can, or whatever other time you’re available on Monday and Wednesday:


Also, please consider joining our PSU-AAUP Slack Channel during our bargaining sessions! This is a public chat space for all PSU-AAUP Members to use to respectfully discuss the happenings, concerns, and your bargaining-related questions as it is occurring. Invite link is provided in your member newsletters from PSU-AAUP.

If you attend a bargaining session in August, you'll be entered to win one of five prizes from Black-owned businesses in Portland.  Prizes include a bottle of wine from Abbey Creek Vineyard (first Black-owned vineyard in OR), Atlas Pizza gift certificate, Coffee from Deadstock Coffee, and a gift card for Sugar Street Bakery (vegan and gf options too!) all shipped to your mailbox. Additionally, the week of August 17th we will be having a Bargaining Bingo game -- complete the bingo card and get an additional raffle entry. More info on bingo will come out next week.

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