Bargaining Update - Important Bargaining Tomorrow!

October 31, 2019 / Heather Nahmias

Thursday, October 24, we bargained all day with PSU management. This was our ninth day of bargaining. 

Thanks to those almost 75 PSU-AAUP members and other members of the campus community who came to observe bargaining. Your presence makes a difference! When you are present in good numbers, the bargaining team for the administration is reminded of who faculty and academic professionals are. We are the backbone of this university and we stand for what we believe! And when we are visibly present, the energy and the tone of bargaining feels more positive. We are now seeing movement at the table on important issues.

Having many PSU-AAUP members in the room supports the work of your collective bargaining team who are trying to secure a contract that reflects the bargaining priorities you shared with us. 

     Our next full day of bargaining tomorrow, Friday, November 1, from 9-4, in RMNC 316. Please join us between 3-4 pm to help end the day with strong momentum! The agenda for tomorrow is as follows:

  • Morning:  New Job Placement and Careers for Academic Professionals

  • Afternoon: What Priorities Should Guide PSU Spending?


If you can come between 3-4 pm, please RSVP here!

If you can come at some other time, please RSVP here!


Now some of the good news from our last session!

Academic Professionals have been waiting since May, 2016 for a transparent and fair transition to new job families, and a transition into a career advancement system (Letter of Agreement in the 2016-19 Collective Bargaining Agreement). Academic Professionals (APs) are the only colleagues in PSU-AAUP who do not have promotional career tracks. It is a matter of fundamental fairness that we resolve this situation. 

Finally, the stage is set for an examination of university economics at bargaining tomorrow. Your PSU-AAUP team is looking forward to engaging the PSU administration in a thoughtful and thorough conversation of the values and priorities that should guide university spending. We believe budgets are moral documents and we believe that values need to drive how the administration uses university resources. These beliefs will be our guiding light as we represent you at bargaining. 

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