Bargaining Updates

October 04, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

Over the summer, the collective bargaining team (CBT) worked on revisions to the model used to distribute funds for addressing faculty salary compression, inversion, and equity. The first of three rounds of CIE adjustments were supposed to go into effect starting September for both 9-month and 12-month faculty. If you are a 9-month faculty member receiving a CIE increase and have your pay spread over 12 months, this is supposed to be evident in your October paycheck. We assume that HR will be sending out notifications to faculty receiving CIE adjustments, but you can check now to see if a pay increase has been logged as a “Change to Your Job” in Banweb. Go to the Employee Services tab, click Jobs Summary, then your current Job Title.

The CBT is continuing to try to find a resolution to the ongoing struggles with the new AP classification and job family system. All APs have had their initial placements made and we are now processing the 80+ appeals. Once this is done, PSU-AAUP and admin must begin the process of negotiating the new salary bands related to the new system. Admin has proposed, once again, that they would like to do a market study. We have rejected this proposal and have told admin that we will not accept their market study. 

The collective bargaining team continues to negotiate with the administration over movement into the new teaching faculty ranks created by the Faculty Senate last year. Over the next few months the CBT will be working on the complicated process of creating processes, policies, and contract protections related to the new teaching ranks for our NTT Faculty. We have just begun the process but we have high hopes that we will be able to come to an understanding and have a process in place in time for implementation beginning next year.

Remember that during winter quarter, the second of two 1% COLAs go into effect. Although ours is a 4-year contract, it includes an economic reopener, which will commence at that time to address COLAs and other economic matters for years 3 and 4 of the contract. Stay tuned and be ready to show your support for our CBT.

Finally, We came to an agreement with Admin to clarify that a member who has been laid off in IELP who accepts a limited term or fixed term appointment to another position at PSU will retain their recall rights to their position in IELP.

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