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Bargaining Update: Will COLAs match the current Oregon heat index? Bargaining Continues…

July 28, 2022 / PSU-AAUP

Yup, we’re still at the bargaining table with Administration - and today’s heat index is 100℉! Coincidence? We think not.

During our last bargaining session we continued discussing caregiver provisions and cost-of-living increases. The group also dove into discussions regarding IPDAs (Individual Professional Development Accounts). Financial details won’t be discussed until late August; at the moment, we are working on some non-economic ideas in regards to members’ needs.

  • IPDAs: we would like to broaden the scope of eligible uses of IPDAs to include more computing technology and equipment, in addition to other expansions.
  • Caregiving: members need flexibility with their meeting schedules and teaching schedules that allow them to attend to the care needs of their families. 
  • COLAs: we are still setting the stage, but we continue to define our interests. The obvious issue: inflation has chipped away at members’ ability to fill their grocery carts and their gas tanks. We shared this image in our last news blast, but it’s worth sharing again.


PSU salaries have not kept up with inflation. By April of 2022, consumer prices had increased 29% relative to their levels in 2015, while PSU salaries had increased only 15%. That is a substantial loss in purchasing power.

At this moment, the most powerful thing members can do is show up for  bargaining on Zoom and participate in Slack Channel conversations! 

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 And mark your calendars for 2 in-person bargaining dates:

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