Bargaining! We Need You!

August 15, 2019 / Jennifer Kerns

As many of you know, this summer our Collective Bargaining Team has been bargaining our new contract. Members of our CB team are there to represent your interests to PSU’s administration and when our members are visibly there supporting the CB team, it makes a significant difference. Not only does the CB team feel supported, but the PSU administrators see that we have significant strength in numbers and, hopefully, will be more apt to listen to the priorities we have for our contract.

Again: It is so important to have members from the bargaining unit present. Even if you can only stop by for 15 minutes, your presence makes a difference! 


Bargaining for the new Contract: 

The next bargaining sessions will run all day, from 9:00am - 4:00pm in URBN 710

Monday, August 26 and Tuesday, August 27. 


    **On the agenda for these sessions is the status of the job classification process for Academic Professionals.**

While we can not guarantee what exactly will be talked about at these sessions, it is the hope of the CB team that the careers of AP’s will be the focus for these days. We encourage all of our members to observe in solidarity, but AP’s in particular have a strong interest in showing up and demonstrating our collective power.


Please come to one or all of the following times on August 26 and August 27.

10:00 Donuts and coffee served

11:00 Brown Bag lunch

2:00 Donuts and coffee served.

Future Dates: September 9-10, in URBN 710


What’s it like to go to bargaining? If you have never been to bargaining before, note that your role is simply to observe and be a presence in the room! You do not need to do anything to prepare or participate actively. It’s totally fine to bring a laptop with you and do some work (or a book! Or knitting! Sometimes it is sort of boring.) Code of conduct agreed upon by both sides can be found here.

Wear your AAUP t-shirts/lanyards/pins. You can pick up shirts/lanyards/pins in Smith 232 if you don’t have any.

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