Bylaws Changes Notification

May 12, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

At the April 22nd and 29th PSU-AAUP Executive Council meetings, the Council voted in bylaws changes. 

On April 22nd, Council voted in changes to the following sections:

  • (17) Grievance procedures - extensive additions to PSU-AAUP Grievance Procedures; 
  • (20) Association Policies - a new section added to cover how the association provides policies and guidelines for operations; and
  • (21) Governing Documents of the Association - a new section clarifying what are the Association’s governing documents, including the addition of (21a) Executive Council Standing Rules and (21b) Executive Council Resolutions. 

On April 29th, Council voted in changes to the following section: 

  • (19) Affiliation Agreements - additions to language clarifying the financial responsibilities of organizations with which the organization affiliates, and language requiring financial agreements with affiliate organizations be made in writing.

Updated and current PSU-AAUP Bylaws and other governing documents are available on our website. 

Per our Bylaws; “Within fifteen days of the Executive Council vote, revisions to the bylaws shall be sent to the membership. The membership will then have fifteen days to call for a recall of the revisions and additions. In order to file a recall, the membership must present a recall petition
signed by 20 members.”

Should you have any questions about any of these changes, please send them to us at

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