Call for Nominations for the Remainder of the 2020-2022 Office of Vice President for Collective Bargaining

August 17, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

Due to the planned resignation of Mark Leymon, current Vice President for Collective Bargaining effective September 30, 2020, we need to elect a new Vice President.

The newly elected Vice President will fill out the remainder of the term expiring May 1, 2022.

You can nominate yourself, or speak to a friend that you want to nominate and nominate them. 
The open nomination period runs until Tuesday September 1. The election will open Friday September 11 and close Monday September 28. The new Vice President will assume the office on September 30, or as soon after that date that the oath of office can be administered. 

The nomination should include a candidate statement (submitted either by the candidate or a supporting member) of no more than 150 words.

To submit a nomination, send an email to Nominating Committee members Aaron Roussell, Megan Horst, and Rick Mikulski by clicking on our names below. You must be a member of the PSU-AAUP to nominate someone, or to be nominated. We will confirm everyone’s membership status and that each nominee is willing to participate.

Should you have any questions about the Association or the open position, you can contact any of the current executive council members, or Executive Director Phil Lesch
We look forward to hearing from you!
Aaron Roussell, Megan Horst, and Rick Mikulski
PSU-AAUP Nominating Committee
More Detailed Description of the position

Office of Vice President for Collective Bargaining
The Vice President of Collective Bargaining is the chief spokesperson and strategist in bargaining and is the number 2 officer of the Association. The position is normally provided 1/3 release time to facilitate the performance of duties for the Association. The position is defined in the PSU-AAUP Constitution as follows:

"The Vice President for Collective Bargaining shall be responsible for the coordination of activities of the Chapter for collective bargaining. He or she shall serve, ex-officio, on the Unit Representative Committee and on standing or ad-hoc committees on salaries, workloads, and other matters subject to contract negotiation. In the absence of the President, he or she shall preside at meetings of the Executive Council or chapter.

In addition, the Vice President for Collective Bargaining is a key participant on the strategic communications committee, and is an important interface to the Organizing committee. 

The Vice President Collective Bargaining is expected to attend all Executive Council meetings. The Executive Council meets Thursdays during the academic year from 12:00 to 1:30 PM, once per month during the summer, and in addition there may be executive council retreats, or executive council trainings. 

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