Colleges Go Online to Avoid COVID-19

September 08, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

Inside Higher Ed

by Scott Jaschik

September 7, 2021

Eastern Gateway CC, La Salle U and U of Dallas shift to online courses; Lehigh and St. Lawrence give faculty members the right to shift online; and U of Hawai‘i at Hilo gives faculty members the right to go hybrid.

Eastern Gateway Community College and the University of Dallas are shifting -- for various periods of time -- to online courses.

Meanwhile, other colleges -- Lehigh University and the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo -- are giving faculty members the right to decide if they will teach their courses in person or online.

Eastern Gateway's president, Michael Geoghegan, sent a letter to faculty members at the Ohio community college saying, "As we experience a spike in the Delta variant of COVID-19, we are making the difficult decision to take classes back online, except for hands-on courses, and move our workforce back to remote operations. The transition back to online learning will start on Tuesday, September 7, with classes anticipated to return to campus on Monday, October 25. Updated information on our plan to return to campus will be sent no later than Wednesday, October 20."

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