Coming Soon! New PSU-AAUP Posters!

April 13, 2018 / Sabrina Balderama

Coming Soon! New PSU-AAUP Posters!

In order to celebrate our fortieth anniversary here on campus as a strong, member led union, PSU-AAUP has created a really terrific poster. We want to communicate visibly to our colleagues, our students, and the administration that PSU-AAUP members are an important voice on campus.

Your PSU-AAUP Unit Representative will give you a poster to display on your office door or in your work environment, which will share with our campus community your commitment to a strong faculty and academic professional voice here at PSU. If you do not have a Unit Representative, please come to the PSU-AAUP offices in SMSU 232 to pick up a poster. (And consider becoming one yourself!)

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