Contract Highlights

December 09, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

In case you were unable to attend our membership meeting where our Collective Bargaining Team shared the highlights of the contract, below are the key points. See Q+A Document for answers to questions that came up at the meeting.

  • 1% COLA in Jan. 2021 for 12-month employees and Feb. 2021 for 9-month.
  • 1% COLA in Jan. 2022 for 12-month employees and Feb. 2022 for 9-month.
  • This is a four year contract. We have an economic reopener after two years, which means we can bargain for additional COLAs and for other economic items. The PTR, PCAR, and AP adjustment amounts will stay the same for all 4 years of the contract.
  • Post Tenure Review salary adjustment $4,788 for life of contract.
  • Non-Tenure Track faculty will receive a salary bump of $1,900 for successful Post-Continuous Appointment review starting in Sept. 2022.
  • APs will have a new longevity system. APs with 4 years of experience at PSU will be eligible for a raise if they attained a satisfactory or above rating on their evaluations. The raise will be $1,600, and APs will be eligible to receive it every four years. Advancement begins in July, 2022. 
  • A pool of money (equivalent to 0.8% of all AP salaries) will be set aside to bring APs up to the new minimums once the transition to the new Job Groupings/Levels is complete and salary minimums are bargained. 
  • In Sept. 2021, 2022, and 2023, a 0.8% pool of all Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track salaries will be used to address inversion, compression and equity issues. 
  • $70,000 Bridge Funding pool for each of the first two years of the contract for NTT Research faculty.
  • Status quo---retirement, promotion, Faculty Dev Grant, IPDA health care, sabbatical rates.
  • Workload language for faculty, which enables them to individually or collectively ask their department for a workload reduction. (First time workload language in the contract for faculty!).
  • Flexible schedule language for APs allows them to request compressed workweek (i.e. 4 10-hour days), an alternate schedule (starting earlier or later), or the ability to work remotely.
  • NTTF will undergo post-continuous appointment reviews every 5 years, instead of every 3 and will have expanded protections and opportunities for reconsideration if they disagree with the outcome of the review. 
  • Expanded protected leaves to enable members to care for siblings and for opposite-sex domestic partners. These family members are not covered under existing FMLA/OFLA law.
  • Allow members to take bereavement leave immediately upon hire and expanded definition of family member for whom members are allowed to take bereavement leave. Allow members to take bereavement leave up to a year after your loved one’s passing. 
  • Academic Freedom language acknowledges challenges posed by new technologies and a changing political climate. Administration (with AAUP input) will compile a resource guide for members who are experiencing harassment. Joint call for a Faculty Senate Task Force on Academic Freedom issues.

Pending Items (Still negotiating these items):

  • Joint call for a Faculty Senate Task Force on the use of course evaluations in faculty reviews.
  • New leaves article contains information about types of leaves members are eligible for including Discretionary Leave, which can be used with supervisor’s approval to extend time off after FMLA/OFLA leave are exhausted. 

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