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Council endorses Eviction Representation for All Ballot Issue

March 09, 2023 / PSU-AAUP

Last week the PSU-AAUP Executive Council voted to endorse Ballot Issue 26-238, Eviction Representation for All.

The Eviction Representation for All ballot issue has been endorsed by more than 40 local housing, labor, faith, legal, and community-based organizations.

Evictions and housing instability are harmful to workers, who are struggling to live near where they work. Evictions and housing instability are equally harmful to students at PSU and other campuses across the country. Data from PSU’s Student Legal Services (SLS) office shows that 106 student requested help with renter's rights matters between July 1, 2022 - January 31, 2023, with another 18 requests in February 2023. These requests accounted for roughly 21% of SLS’s total requests for assistance.

Kim McCarty, the Executive Director of Community Alliance of Tenants, noted, “Evictions should be rare and fair. When tenants have lawyers in eviction court, illegal evictions and unnecessary evictions are avoided, more people stay in their home, it stabilizes our communities and prevents homelessness.”

We encourage all AAUP members to review this ballot issue and vote “YES” on May 16th.

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