[COVID-19 Campus Response] What About Academic Professionals?

March 18, 2020 / Jose Padin

Many Academic Professionals have been confused by recent PSU communications, and how the COVID-19 crisis impacts you. This confusion is legitimate, as recent PSU communications about classes moving online but campus remaining open have tended to focus more on faculty, and have been ambiguous when it comes to APs and other non-faculty colleagues.

Our simplest guidance to Academic Professionals is the following: 

If your work can be substantially done remotely, and you choose to stay home due to demands or concerns presented by the COVID-19 crisis, you should face no difficulty working remotely until the crisis is over and PSU opens once again for full and regular face-to-face operations. As long as you are working, you do not need to use your sick leave for this.

Understandably, there might be confusion, and an uneven understanding among supervisors. We have been in contact with top administration about this and have asked for them to provide supervisors with more clear guidance. 

If your supervisor is presenting obstacles to remote work during the crisis, please 

  1. Inform them of the direction we have shared here. 
  2. Feel free to also tell them that PSU-AAUP has offered to help clarify this for them.
  3. Write a quick email to our AAUP COVID-19 Help line ( We are here to help you navigate any issues created by the current situation. 

Conscientiously look after your health and conscientiously do your best to help sustain our educational mission under the circumstances.

Warm regards,

José Padín

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