Defend Democracy Coalition Pledge

November 03, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

The Defend Democracy Coalition pledge is:

1. We will vote.

2. We will refuse to accept election results until all the votes are counted.

3. We will nonviolently take to the streets if a coup is attempted.

4. If we need to, we will shut down “business as usual” to protect the integrity of the democratic process.


Defend Democracy Coalition includes more than 40 community organizations in Portland and the Pacific Northwest, all working together at the intersection of electoral justice and racial justice to stand up for Black lives and protect the integrity of the 2020 election. We are collaborating locally with J.U.I.C.E., which fights for an end to systemic racism through Justice, Unity, Integrity, Community, and Equality. This event is one of hundreds around the country preparing to mobilize in the national Protect the Results coalition organized by Indivisible and Stand Up America.

We voted in record numbers for racial justice. We voted for a fair economy. We voted for our climate. Our coalition members want America to be a place where everyone counts and where every vote is counted, where Black lives really do matter, and where the fundamental human and civil rights of all people are upheld.

Read the full statement and sign the pledge at The Action Network.

What's Defend Democracy Coalition? Click here to learn more!

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