Department Research Administrator appeals were successful

May 18, 2017 / Phil Lesch

In March we reported that six DRAs were demoted from the Program Administrator II job family to the Program Administrator I job family. We also reported on the work PSU-AAUP has done to facilitate the appeal of those decisions while retaining our right to file grievances on the demotions. We also shared the issues we had with the appeal process.

Seven appeals hearings were held of the nine appeals submitted (one employee resigned their employment prior to the hearing, and another sent a written testimony in lieu of attending). PSU-AAUP helped most of the DRAa prepare for their hearing and accompanied all the DRAs who had hearings. Each DRA presented a compelling argument and evidence that the majority of the work they were doing resided in the Program Administrator II Job family.

Isaac Dixon, AVP HR,  delivered his decision to PSU-AAUP and the appellants on May 17. All DRAs that were party to either the appeals or the grievance that was placed in abeyance will have their positions moved immediately to the Program Administrator II Job family.

Special thanks to Karen Kennedy, AC II and Courtney Bailey, PA II who were the PSU- AAUP representatives on the job placement appeal advisory committee to the AVP HR. Karen and Courtney spent many hours preparing for the hearings, attending the hearings, studying the material presented, and interacting with the committee. 

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