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February 18, 2019 / Phil Lesch

Donated Sick Leave Bank Program (DSLB) FAQ (MOA is here)

1. What can the hours from the sick leave bank be used for?

Leave from the bank can be used for leave that qualifies under FMLA, OFLA, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or the University standards governing use of sick time (former OAR 580-021-0040), including maternity leave or paternity leave upon the addition of a child to the member's family (whether by birth, adoption or otherwise).  Under FMLA and OFLA, this also includes care for a sick family member.  An employee must have exhausted all of their sick time first in order to then draw from the bank.

2. How many hours can I receive when in need?

Members of the bank can withdraw up to 20 days (160 hours) of sick leave after they have exhausted their own sick leave. Members may apply for an additional 20 days (160 hours) of sick leave if needed for a maximum of 320 hours.

3. What is in it for me?

The bottom line is that by contribution of a mere seven hours of sick time, with a maximum of thirteen hours, you will have access to 320 hours of sick time if you need it in a pinch. This is even for normal sick time usage. That said, you’ll also get that warm, collegial feeling knowing you are helping your fellow union members in their times of need. This is a great way for all of us working together to help each other.

4. Do I need to complete an enrollment form?

No. The DSLB is an opt out program, which means you only have to submit an opt out form if you do not want to be a member of the DSLB during the opt out period, which is October 1 to October 31 (same month as regular open enrollment). If a member does not submit an opt out form prior to October 31, then their sick leave bank will have seven (7) hours of sick leave deducted from their sick leave bank.

5. Where can I find the opt out form?

The opt out form is here. This form can be received only during the open enrollment period, October 1 through October 31.

6. If I enroll during open enrollment how long do I retain my status as a donor?

Members of the bank remain a member until the next enrollment period, which is the open enrollment period in the following year

7. How do I know (how can I check) on my status?

To check when and how many hours of sick leave you have donated to the Sick Leave Bank:

·         Go to and login to Banweb

·         Click on Employee Services Tab

·         Click on Leave Balances

·         Click on Sick Leave

·         Click on Leave History by Employee at bottom:

 From there you should see any hours donated to the AAUP Sick Leave Bank as “AAUP SL” in the “Change Reason” column:

8. Is there a maximum number of hours I donate in one year?

The yearly maximum before voluntary special calls, and/or restructuring the plan is thirteen (13) hours of sick time. Each member that does not opt out during open enrollment donates seven (7) hours on or about November 1. Members should receive an acknowledgement of this, and all subsequent donations, if any, within 20 days of the donation. There may be an assessment placed on DSLB members during the plan year if the sick leave bank becomes depleted. The additional assessment would be for UP TO six (6) hours of sick time- the actual amount of the assessment is a decision made by the DSLB committee. If this additional assessment is not enough to address the ongoing need of the bank, then the committee will issue a special call for additional sick leave donations on a voluntary basis.

9. What triggers a special call for additional hours and how often will those calls be made?

Special calls are made only AFTER each member has donated seven (7) hours on November 1, and has been assessed up to six (6) hours of additional sick leave by the DSLB committee. The plan design contemplates there will be little to no need for special calls with this yearly amount. In the unlikely event that the DSLB becomes depleted and is not able to fund the approve DSLB expenditures, then a special call will be made. 

10. How can I learn how many sick hours I have accrued?

You can check your sick leave hours in under the ‘employee services’ tab and then under ‘leave balances’ tab.

11. If I do not donate during a special call, do I remain a member of the sick leave bank?

Yes, donating during special calls is voluntary. Not donating during a special call does not change membership status. It should be noted, however, that if the DSLB committee makes a special call and there are insufficient voluntary donations to address the shortfall, then the DSLB plan design will be renegotiated to reduce benefits. 

12. Do I have to complete an enrollment form each time there is a special call?

No. Special calls are voluntary. 

13. How are the donated sick leave hours being used? Is there going to be a report out?

The DSLB meets quarterly to review usage and that quarterly report is shared with administration leadership and PSU-AAUP leadership to ensure the DSLB continues to operate as intended.

14. I have more sick hours than I can use. Can I donate more than the allotted amount?

Not at this time. We will be working with the negotiation team to see if this can be something we revisit with the administration in the future.

15. Can I get the hours I donated back if I don’t want to stay in the bank?

No, all hours that you have donated are 'irrevocable' and must remain in the sick bank. If you want to drop your DSLB membership, you have to wait and opt out during next the opt out window.

16. Can hours for the DSLB be used alongside any short or long term disability program I am a part of?

Leave from the Sick Leave Bank is to be used prior to, and not concurrently with, any short-term or long-term disability insurance that may be available to the member.

17. I don’t have many hours to begin with and I am afraid of falling short. Why should I do this?

If you expect you are going to need your sick time and you do not have much, you have even more reason to donate. A seven (7) hour donation gets you access to 40 days or 320 hours of leave. Becoming a DSLB member enables you to leverage your balance for access to many more hours.

18.  Can I get a receipt/email confirming my deposit to the bank?

Human Resources has agreed that they will provide members an acknowledgement of their donation within 20 days of their donation. 

19.  I am a member already. do I have to do anything again next year?

No. If you want to remain a DSLB member, you do not need to do anything. Just like all other benefits, this benefit will continue unchanged unless you make a change during open enrollment.

20. Why can't I donate vacation time? 

The plan was written specifically for sick time. Most AAUP members are nine month employees and do not receive vacation time. Vacation time is not provided for in this plan.

21. I am retiring. Can I donate all my hours?

No. Sick time many be donated only in 7 hour increments during open enrollment, and during assessments and during special calls. It's important for members to remember that sick bank accrual is not monetized until it is either used or donated, so a retiring faculty member with 1700 hours on the books would severely deplete their department’s resources.

22. When you donate, does it get deducted from the department, or from the University as a whole?

The sick bank donation is deducted from the department where the donor resides.

Thank you for being a member of the Donated Sick Leave bank Program!

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