[Donated Sick Leave Bank] Resolution this week

September 25, 2017 / Phil Lesch

The changes to the Donated Sick Leave Bank program (DSLB) are as follows:

  • goes from an opt out to an opt in program. All bargaining unit members will be automatically enrolled in the DSLB on October 1 each year unless they opt out by October 31 of each year. Sick leave is paid for by the donating member's department at the time of donation.
  • the initial donation is seven (7) hours. All donations will be acknowledged
  • If the bank needs replenishment, an assessment can be imposed on participants automatically up to six (6) additional hours in two (2) hour increments. 
  • after a participant has donated thirteen (13) hours, if the bank needs replenishment there will be a special call for an additional seven (7) hours, which is voluntary. 
  • the eligibility for donated sick leave bank usage remains the same.
  • Human Resources is required to provide to the DSLB committee the information the committee needs to administer the DSLB.
  • All members who were negatively impacted by the DSLB deficits since June 2017 will be made whole.

Update 9/27. The MOU has been fully executed and is here. The MOU will be approved by the EC at its meeting tomorrow, 9/28 and the ratification ballot will open Friday September 29 and close Saturday October 14.

PSU-AAUP and the administration have agreed that the opt out window this year will be from October 16 to October 31 due to the ratification vote. Members will receive email from HR and PSU-AAUP about the opt-out process around the opening of the opt out window.

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