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Election for PCAR LOA Ratification opens Monday March 14, 2022

March 14, 2022 / PSU-AAUP

The Executive Council has approved the following Letter of Agreement (LOA) for membership ratification. The ratification ballot opens TODAY, Monday March 14, 2022 at 2pm and will be open for 15 days, until Tuesday March 29, 2022 at 5 pm. We will be using the online voting system ElectionBuddy for the email voting, and you will receive the invitation to vote from ElectionBuddy once it is open. You will receive reminders to vote every 48 hours until you vote.

The LOA and summary are listed below:

LOA Transition into Article 18 Section 2(f) PCAR Process:
This LOA provides for the transition from 3-year to 5-year Post-Continuous Appointment Review (PCAR) cycles for Non-tenure Track Faculty (NTTF).

Previous agreements, ratified by the membership and now part of the Collective Bargaining agreement, provide for (1) the move to 5-year review cycles, like those in place for Post-Tenure Reviews, and (2) the award of salary increases ($1,900) for successful PCARs beginning September 2022. Members are now being asked to ratify guidelines for establishing the start of 5-year review cycles and the effective dates of PCAR salary increases.

Different guidelines are necessary for different groups of NTTF, depending on what procedures were in place when they underwent their last PCAR, if that PCAR occurred in conjunction with a promotion review, if a promotion review was conducted in lieu of a PCAR, etc. Various combinations of these circumstances yield the GROUPS 1 through 7 for which the LOA stipulates the effective date of a faculty member’s salary increase for a satisfactory PCAR. For some NTTF, that review has already occurred (Groups 1-4), or was waived during a promotion review (Group 5), and they require no further evaluation before receiving a salary increase in September. For others, the review is taking place this year (Group 6) or in the future (Group 7). 

Please be on the lookout for the ballot Monday at 2pm, and then every two days until you vote.

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