Executive Council adopts Slate of Candidates for 2021 Election

February 11, 2021 / Heather Nahmias

From PSU-AAUP Nominating Committee (Megan Horst, CUPA; Erica Geller, Student Conduct/Dean of Student Life Office; Peter Cramer, Campus Recreation)

In accordance with PSU-AAUP Bylaw Section 1 (b) the PSU-AAUP Nominating Committee has presented a slate of candidates to the Executive Council and the Executive Council has approved the slate. 

The Candidates for Election are:

VP of Grievances and Academic Freedom

  • Aaron Roussell. CLAS Sociology. Tenured.
  • William "Ted" Donlan. School of Social Work. Tenured.

VP of Legislative and Political Action 

  • Ramin Farahmandpur. College of Education. Tenured.


  •  Veronica Hotton. University Studies. NTTF-CA Eligible. 


  • David Hansen. School of Business. NTTF-CA.

 Councilor’s at Large (3 positions) (alphabetical order):

  1. Tina Burdsall. CLAS Sociology. NTTF-CA Eligible
  2. Evguenia Davidova. International Studies. Tenured.
  3. Kellie Gallagher (Incumbent). IELP. NTTF-CA
  4. Karen Kennedy. Academic and Career Services. Academic Professional.
  5. David Kinsella. CUPA Political Science. Tenured.
  6. Marie Lewandowski. Office of Academic Innovation. Academic Professional.
  7. Susan Lindsay. IELP. NTTF-CA.
  8. Cristina Restad. Academic and Career Services. Academic Professional.

In accordance with PSU-AAUP Bylaws Section 1 (c-e), any member of the Association may petition for a place on the ballot to stand for election by filling out the 2021 Petition to Add a Nominee to the PSU-AAUP Executive Council Ballot and getting the signature of 10 PSU-AAUP members. Petitioners are encouraged to get the nominee to sign acceptance of the nomination on the form in the space provided. The petition should have a candidate statement (150 words maximum) attached. The petition needs to be returned to the PSU-AAUP office by no later than February 26, 2021. Upon receipt the nominating committee will confirm eligibility, willingness to stand for election, and willingness to serve in the position if elected.

Any member interested in participating in the petitioning process can contact 
Phil Lesch to get a list of members eligible to stand for election, or to answer questions about the positions open.

The online Election Buddy ballot will open on or about March 1 and close 15 days later on or about March 15. Watch your email for this ballot. On or about February 28, 2021 we will send out an email with all the submitted candidate statements. Please watch for, open, and read this email so you can be an informed voter.

The cutoff date for non-members to submit membership applications to vote in this election is February 27. If there are problems signing this membership application, please contact Phil Lesch for a docusign version. 

Should you have any questions about the election or petitioning for nomination please let us know.

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