Fair Contract Now for Oregon Tech Faculty!

March 29, 2021 / PSU-AAUP

Petition by OT-AAUP Executive Committee

Fair Contract Now for OT-AAUP!

It has been almost three years since the majority of faculty at Oregon Institute of Technology voted to form our union: Oregon Tech - American Association of University Professors (OT-AAUP). Since December 2019, we have been bargaining for our first contract.

While we have reached a few tentative agreements (leaves, grievances, arbitration, etc.), we remain far apart on issues that are top priorities for faculty (benefits, compensation, certain working conditions, etc.).

Oregon Tech’s administrative bargaining team has indicated that they have no intention of negotiating over key issues. Their team proposed fewer mediation sessions which would have further delayed an agreement, declared impasse on March 10th, and cancelled a session scheduled for the following day. We are now holding a strike authorization vote.

We have, and will continue, to bargain in good faith.

What we need from you, our community, is a strong push for a fair contract now!

Read and sign the full petition here!

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