November 09, 2017 / Sabrina Balderama

PSU-AUUP’s Vice President of Grievance and Academic Freedom has created two documents to assist members with the Grievance process.  Members are often unsure if their experience warrants a grievance or if there is action that can be taken without creating a formal grievance.  The Grievance-At-A-Glance provides an overview of the Formal and Informal Grievance timeline and process.  The Grievance Key Questions will help surface essential pieces of information that will be helpful in communicating with your VP of Grievances or PSU-AAUP staff. 

For questions regarding these documents, please contact PSU-AAUP VP of Grievances and Academic Freedom, Amanda Smith Byron, or PSU-AAUP Executive Director, Phil Lesch,

The documents are located on our Resources page under Grievance Resources.


Grievance Key Questions

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