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Grievance dropped after denial at Step Two

December 14, 2017 / Phil Lesch

We reported on September 11 that we had filed a grievance over the elimination of an academic professional position. The grievance was denied at Step One, and denied at Step Two.

During the course of the grievance the grievant was encouraged to interview for two positions; the first was a position created from the duties that grievant had commenced since 2016. That position would have been a substantial reduction in pay for position assigned to the same job family; the grievant's unwillingness to consider that position is understandable.

As the Provost was considering her response to the grievance at Step Two at the end of November, grievant was invited to interview for basically the position he was vacating, albeit reassigned to the SEIU bargaining unit as a position in OIT. If the grievant was hired for the position, the administration offered to "red circle" the grievant's salary and preserve it in the new position. By this point grievant had already made significant alternative career plans and declined the offer to interview. 

The grievance was subsequently denied at Step Two. As the grievant was no longer interested in employment at PSU, PSU-AAUP decided not to proceed with the grievance. We sent this letter preserving our argument about the case so that we we would have the right to file a grievance in the future should a similar issue arise. 

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