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Grievance filed in SPH over scheduling

November 13, 2017 / Phil Lesch

On or about November 2 the grievant was directed by the Dean's office to teach a class only 1x per week. Previously the grievant negotiated to teach this class 2x per week. This violated Article 8- Past practices. PSU-AAUP asserted there is a well-established past practice that faculty member’s decisions around class frequency are honored. Beyond deviating from past practice, the reduction in classes will adversely impact the students and markedly increase Grievant’s workload.

On or about August 16, 2017 the grievant was scheduled to teach 1 course Fall 2017, 3 courses Winter 2018, 2 courses Spring 2018. PSU-AAUP asserted that this course load violates well established past practice that tenured faculty members at PSU be scheduled even loads across the academic year unless they agree otherwise. The Winter 2018 course load will also negatively impact the grievant’s service in organizations and committees, ability to perform scholarly works (writings, research, and field work), and possibly tenure review.  It, likewise, adversely impacts students by limiting the grievant’s access and availability.

PSU-AAUP also asserted that the grievant’s receipt of the academic year course schedule on or about August 16, 2017 violated the established past practice that faculty members negotiate and finalize their teaching schedules two terms prior to the term in question. 

We requested the following remedy:

  1. Immediately reschedule the Winter 2018 to be taught twice per week.
  2. Going forward, schedule course frequency in accord with instructor preference pursuant to past practice.
  3. Schedule the grrievant for two courses in Winter 2018 consistent with past practice.
  4. Going forward, schedule faculty members’ workload to be evenly distributed across academic terms barring an agreement to the contrary with the faculty member, pursuant to past practice.
  5. Schedule academic years no later than the conclusion of the Spring term of the prior academic year, pursuant to past practice.

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