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Grievance Settlement- Change in Instructional Rate of Pay for variable FTE NTTF-R

December 04, 2018 / Phil Lesch

A NTTF-R hired on a variable FTE contract had the expectation that they would teach one to two courses per year at a rate of .12 FTE per course, or .25 FTE for two courses. In spring 2018, the college reduced the cost of course buy outs for instructional faculty to make they buying them out easier. This had the unintended consequence of reducing the value of courses for variable FTE employees who depended on that FTE to build their FTE. In the most recent Letter of Appointment, the college sought to reduce the FTE allocation per course for the grievant from .12 FTE to .075 FTE per course. Without other work to back fill the lost, this amounted to a reduction in salary.

PSU-AAUP filed the grievance at Step One, and this resulted in discussions with the Dean and OAA. We reached an agreement that the grievant would continue to have their instructional allocation set at .12 FTE for one course, and .25 FTE for two courses for as long as they are employed at Portland State University in this position.

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