Ground Rules: Part 2

May 18, 2015 / Phil Lesch

We met on this morning (May 15th) for a short Interest-Based Bargaining session. The purpose of this session was to come-up with our ground rules for the IBB process. Establishing ground rules is taking longer than it does in traditional bargaining because we are practicing the IBB steps as we create ground rules.

During this session, we:

    Recognized students’ statutory right to observe bargaining and welcomed their participation in our IBB sessions and in each team’s caucuses when appropriate.
    Confirmed our Spring and Summer bargaining dates. We agreed to bargain for eight, six-hour days (48 hours total) over the summer. (Click here for the schedule)
    Received the administration’s letter to open bargaining, which outlines the issues/article they would like to discuss.
    Began discussing how to create ground rules around communication and listed our interests around this issue.

We will meet again on Thursday, May 21st. Our agenda includes:

  •     Finishing discussion around communication
  •     Completing ground rules
  •     Scheduling bargaining issues/topics for our upcoming sessions.

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