Guest Editorial: The Hypocrisy in Portland State University’s Response to Racist Policing

June 05, 2020 / PSU-AAUP

Portland Mercury

by Avery Panganiban,

June 5, 2020


[The following is an editorial opinion piece written by Avery Panganiban, an activist and graduating senior at Portland State University studying Political Science. Here she explains how PSU's response to the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers stands in stark contrast to the way the university has addressed racism and violent policing on campus. —eds.]

The homepage of the Portland State University (PSU) website features an infographic showing that 35 percent of the student body are “of diverse backgrounds.” Nearly every page of the university's website shows an image of a student or faculty member of color, and has an entire page devoted to the claim that, “Diversity, equity, and inclusion is not only a value and a mission of Portland State University, it is the essential framework of who we are and what we do as an institution and community.” The newly-renovated and renamed Fariborz Maseeh Hall even features art by several artists of color, from Wendy Red Star to Hank Thomas Williams, conveniently placed adjacent to the Admissions Department and free art gallery, and on the route for touring students and donors.

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