May 8th For Students

April 26, 2019 / Heather Nahmias

Join PSU-AAUP in being in solidarity with Oregon K-12 educators for their state-wide day of action on May 8th.  Teachers all across the state are walking out to demand a fix for funding shortfalls and to invest in K-12 education. 


If you'd like to meet up with AAUP:

Rally at 11am at the Waterfront.

You can meet up with AAUP (look for the banner) at the Salmon Street Fountain.

March at 12pm.


If you can't join until your lunch hour, you can meet other folks at 11:45am between Smith and Cramer and walk down together. Please wear your red AAUP shirt.  An investment in quality K-12 education is an investment in higher education as well.  Let's fight together with our union siblings for a better Oregon!


For more information:

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